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Current Projects

Our Hub members are always working on something to make a difference! See our projects below and feel free to contact us to learn more!

Forest Path

Air Quality Monitoring

Members of our Hub our working together to get air quality monitors installed through the Greater Victoria area. Contact us for more details and ways to participate!

Climate Action Planner Tool Overviews and Workshop

Working across diverse communities to tackle climate change is nothing new for Dawn Moorhead of the Greater Victoria Climate Hub project (the Hub). But when she learned of the Community Energy Association (CEA)’s new interactive planning tool, she immediately saw how it might be used to support communities in their climate actions. With the tool, communities can quickly see their largest sources of emissions  Dawn and the Climate Hub facilitate brief overview workshops where participants choose different emissions reduction solutions, such

as more energy-efficient homes or electric cars, and see the various effects of these options modelled right before their eyes. Longer workshops help users plan actions to reduce emissions and allow participants to develop strong yet realistic goals to meet 2030 climate targets. For more details about this project, you can download this pdf.

For a look at the tool check out

And to get more info on workshops for your community, contact us .

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National Climate League 

The National Climate League 2023 is ready to get started!  Since 2018, The Climate Reality Project Canada assembles the National Climate League to use cities as the pathway for climate policy solutions. The project aims to instill a sense of agency and community through citizen engagement and participatory democracy, drawing in diverse constituencies to demand accountability from their municipalities. Data-driven, the League enables you to gather data on indicators about various themes (such as waste, transport, air quality, green space...) that reflect increased living standards for everyday Canadians living in municipalities. These standings then function as benchmarking and lobbying tools to compare how Canadian municipalities fare across these sustainability indicators.  


Last year, over 66 municipalities and 551 data points were collected. Do you want to put your municipality on the NCL Map?   


There are opportunities to join the NCL and join their cohort of volunteers! Contact us for more information today!


Sue Big Oil Campaign

We are diligently working to get our respective  municipalities to signon to the Sue Big Oil campaign. It is time that those who had a big part in the climate crisis are held accountable. They knew, they didn't care, and now we are having to pay the price. To learn more about this campaign, join us for our biweekly Zoom calls by contacting us for more information today!

Below, you will find some of our Hub's previous activities!

Past Projects


 Our Petition Was a Success!

We urged the Canadian government to help avert this.  Haven't the people of Yemen suffered enough?

 We are pleased that the Canadian government has decided to help donate to this cause.

The FSO SAFER, a rusting tanker with a toxic cargo of 1.1 million barrels of oil, has been left unattended off the coast of Yemen. It could break or explode at any moment, with incalculable consequences for the livelihoods of coastal communities, the health of children and vulnerable adults and the fragile environment of the Red Sea.

Last May, a UN event took place with the aim to raise a total of $80 million needed to transfer the oil from the abandoned tanker.

According to CBC "Canada, meanwhile, has no plans to contribute to the salvage mission, a spokesperson for Global Affairs Canada told CBC News ahead of Wednesday's pledging event.

Canada needs to join Netherlands, EU, USA, Finland, France, Germany, Norway, Qatar, Sweden, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia - Canada could SAVE THE DAY BY ACTING NOW!  

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